Every Major's Terrible

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  • As a college senior this is how I feel when the incoming freshmen ask for help with choosing their major
  • Might already have been posted, but I think it deserves a front page nod
  • "Every Major's Terrible" memorized and self-accompanied! - YouTube
  • Ben Miller - Every Major's Terrible (from the xkcd comic)
  • Every Major's Terrible performed on piano by Ben Miller
  • I thought all you premeds would get a kick out of this
  • Every Majors Terrible memorized and selfaccompanied
  • "Every Major's Terrible" on Piano, inspired by XKCD
  • Every Major's Terrible (#1052), sung by Ben Miller
  • How I feel just starting out at a large university
  • Every Major is Terrible
  • Me🎓irl
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