Eskimos Build an Igloo (1967)

source: youtube

  • With winter just around the corner, it's important that we brush up on our skills
  • Stolt dansk folkefærd viser den hvide mand hvordan man bygger bolig ud af sne
  • It's amazing to see how all Canadian's live. Such proud and noble people
  • How to build an Igloo - 2 Inuit build an igloo using only a snow knife
  • Canadians show the people in the NE-US how to build a proper igloo
  • What with all the snow, this is an important life skill to master
  • How to Build An Igloo (National Film Board of Canada, 1949)
  • Two Inuit men shows how to Build an Igloo
  • How to Build an Igloo (colour, 1949)
  • How to Build an Igloo (with Tupac)
  • Eskimos Build an Igloo (1967)
  • How to build an igloo (1949)
  • Tupac, MLG Igloo Builder