Engineer Guy: Plastic Injection Molding

source: youtube

  • Ever wonder how your discs are made? Confused by parting line height? Check out this video by the engineer guy on injection molding
  • Snatoms are made with injection molding, a subject recently explored in some depth by another YouTuber: EngineerGuy
  • I always get excited whenever a new video comes out. This one is especially good about injection molding
  • Plastic Injection Molding - Thought r/mk would like this, explains how plastic products are made
  • Plastic Injection Molding - Great video showing how our keycaps are made (not keyboard specific)
  • Great video about plastic injection molding also explains why LEGO bricks are so awesome
  • Saw this today: Video about Plastic Injection Molding. Molding spesific to Lego at 7:04
  • Video: Always-interesting Bill Hammack explains how plastic injection molding works
  • Another video on Injection Molding. How molds are made, and Double Shots (at 4:00)
  • Engineer Guy: Plastic Injection Molding. Felt it was pretty relevant here
  • Plastic Injection Molding - The Technology Behind Disc Golf
  • Injection Molding [duplicate, but good here just in case]
  • How plastic models are cast - injection molding
  • "Plastic Injection Molding" by the Engineer Guy
  • [engineerguy] Plastic Injection Molding
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