When it comes to video games, die-hard fans will go to extremes to get what they want; they’ll take on any challenge presented to them, however absurd. Then there are fans that’ll go beyond the extreme and take a more direct approach. Network engineer Jason Camberis is one such fan. Not content with modern-day consoles, he opted to make a machine that would let him play a slew of arcade classics — even if it’s the size of an elephant.

Camberis didn’t hold back in the slightest. Two years of work let him build a fully-functional arcade cabinet that stands fourteen feet tall and more than three feet wide; anyone who wants to give Pac-Man a shot has to use stairs built into the bottom of the cabinet just to reach the controls. In an effort to stay true to scale, Camberis’ creation demands giant quarters to get powered up. Chances are high that it takes a massive amount of energy to run.

Naturally, the cabinet has qualified for a Guinness World Record, and it’ll likely hold its position for a good while. No one forced Camberis to build such hulking hardware, but at least he’s been recognized for his work — and he can definitely play in style.