An eight-year-old girl named Gabi Manni feeds the crows with peanuts in her garden and they give her gifts in return, Daily Mail Online reported. Gabbi has kept a collection of pieces of beads, buttons, brightly colored plastic and foam, paper clips, earrings and shiny beads she has received. Her favorite gift is pearl-colored heart. Gabi is very protective of the gifts she has got from the crows. She does not let anyone touch the trinkets.

Her relationship with the crows started when she was four years of age. The crows would eat food Gabi had mistakenly dropped. Not only that, they began hovering over her house to pick up the food little Gabi left behind. She also used to feed them her lunch. What’s more, the crows started waiting for the girl to get off her school bus. Two years later, Gabi and her mother Lisa started putting food in the garden and filling the bird bath with water on a regular basis.

Crows are considered as extremely intelligent creatures. They have the ability to solve complex puzzles and problems to get food. A study found that rooks can use stones to increase the water level to reach a floating worm. An experiment, which was set up by BBC Two, showed that a crow named 007 took approximately two and a half minutes to finish an eight stage puzzle.

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