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Easy... Easy.... EEEEassssyyyyyyy... perfect

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  • I've seen people play these machines hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Never ONCE have I seen anyone film themselves playing one
  • Easy... Easy.... EEEEassssyyyyyyy... perfect
  • Now I can finally get that lobster harmonica
  • NTMTO The one claw that actually works
  • How to win arcade claw machines
  • Jackpot failing claw machine
  • ぬいぐるみがごっそり取れるクレーンゲームの攻略法
  • How to win the lottery
  • Winning more than one
  • クレーンゲームのアームのポテンシャル
  • Fuck your game
  • Arcade Machine
  • ロボットアナーキズム
  • So close!
  • me irl
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