Dunkey - I'm done with League of Legends

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  • /u/GamerBlue53 inspired me to take a look at Dunkey and I found the reason he (and I) quit League of Legends
  • Never Forget: Dunkey Quits League Because He Flames a feeding Malphite who still plays to this day
  • Videogamedunkey made this video when he quit LoP, I think it really resonates with this sub
  • The music in dunkey's new video at 5:34, so familiar yet I cant place my finger on it!
  • Dunkey League of Legends streamer breaks free of North Koriot's tyranni
  • The song at around 5:10? i know it's something from Mother/Earthbound
  • It's been one year since Dunkey quit Leauge of Legends
  • Even esports kids know we're better than them
  • Dunkey - I'm Done With League of Legends
  • Dunkey was right all along
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