Duck Army (I have not laughed this hard in at least a week!)

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  • My opponents are attacking me with no debate being involved. Is this what the tards of SBBH want? No! They want to have an actual debate between eachother. The Tards love me. I mean look at this video of my last rally!
  • MFW I end up having an anxiety attack over nothing and freak the fuck out, then upon waking up the next morning discover in my freak-out about nothing I've created genuine, real problems
  • I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Ducks suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced
  • I came across a couple of Valor members at a gym, their new battle cry was disturbing
  • So, you guys are all bringing the "Duck Army" ducks to the games this season, right?
  • COWER IN FEAR, AVIAN ADVERSARIES! Hear the screams of your fallen regiment...!
  • The mighty Quack Pack repealing an aggressor with their impressive battlecry
  • [Haiku] alone we are weak; together we eat your soul; there is no escape
  • Duck Army (I have not laughed this hard in at least a week!)
  • As if a million of ducks suddenly cried out in terror
  • Where will you be when they scream their battlecry?
  • and here we see the common dack's defense method
  • Me and my fellow players before the maintenance
  • This has to be the first weird noise on here
  • The terrifying sound of the Duckpocalypse
  • When people started raiding one another
  • 50/50 Duck Army|Duck Allahu Ackbar!
  • Funniest video I've seen this year!
  • Funniest thing ive seen all year
  • This is the stuff of nightmares
  • WC Navy caught on camera
  • The duck armies war-cry
  • New Warhorn Suggestion
  • AAAAAAAAAAH(Duck army)
  • The tortured souls cry
  • We are the duck army
  • [Haiku] Duck army
  • Kamikazes!
  • me🔊irl
  • me irl
  • Still one of the funniest things I've seen on reddit and I have no idea why it's funny
  • Döende gummihönor, eller som din mamma lÃ¥ter
  • Battlecry of the horde
  • Don't click this clip
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