Dog Saves 7 Month Old Baby From Abusive Babysitter

source: youtube

Child abuse is every parent’s worst nightmare. South Carolina parents Hope and Benjamin Jordan hired a 22 year old babysitter to care for their infant son, seven-month-old Finn. They did a background check on Alexis Khan and when she came up clean, decided to hire her.

After months of caring for their baby, the couple noticed how their pet dog reacted to Khan. They needed to restrain their dog, named Killian, when Khan was around. The parents decided to investigate further and placed an iPhone under the couch to record what really happens while they’re away.

To their horror, they heard the babysitter cursing, slapping and yelling at the baby. It’s amazing how their pet Killian led them to the horrifying truth. Armed with the recording as evidence, they went to court against Alexis Khan. Khan plead guilty to child assault and battery. She was sentenced to three years in prison and placed on child abuse registry. The dog is now regarded as a big hero, and if it wasn’t for her, who knows how long the assault would have continued.

  • Dog Saved Baby From An Abusive Babysitter
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