Do you do poison?

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  • Bruiser: an utterly brilliant 2000 sketch show starring David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Martin Freeman and Olivia Colman (with guest writing from Richard Ayoade and Ricky Gervais) that I'd somehow never even heard of before
  • This is how i mentally picture anyone when they need to buy rat poison
  • I think everyone has to laugh at at lease 1 thing in these sketches
  • Funniest deadpan sketch comedy bit I've ever seen involving Brits
  • Where's the unabridged Col. Sassacre's when you really need it?
  • Old sketch from Bruiser ft. Martin Freeman - Do you do poison?
  • Martin Freeman's lesser known acting abilities
  • Bruiser - Do you do poison? [Repost]
  • Traitor walks into the Library
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  • bruiser do you do poison script