''Do that alien frog thing again''

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  • Girls in the back mirin' this kid when he lays down some sick hi hats
  • It's insane how people of all ages can just tap into talent like this
  • Socially Awkward/Socially Awesome Penguin. I found him
  • Little white kid drops sick beat. This kid will go far
  • This is how I feel when I'm mining dogecoins
  • Little white boy beat boxing and WRECKING
  • This guy will get more pussy than me
  • "Willis now do the alien frog thing"
  • White boy drops sick beat - YouTube
  • ''Do that alien frog thing again''
  • Sick beats and an alien frog thing
  • This kid has to get all the ladies
  • Little white "nerd" drops a beat
  • Kid beat boxing, getting chicks
  • This video has great potential
  • "Alien frog thing" made my day
  • Nerdy little kid beatboxing
  • White kid beatboxing haHAA
  • Awesome little beat-boxer!
  • Alien frog thing. [0.47]
  • white kid dropping beats
  • White kid can beat box
  • 8year old with beats
  • Haters gonna hate
  • White and Nerdy
  • beatboxing and
  • He's legit
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    Kathryn Feil
    Kid trying to be cool and doesn't realize he's killing it.
  • alien frog thing