Legal highs are all the rage these days, but many people are still looking for the next big thing. A tech company, called Thync, has manufactured a pad known as the Thync System. The white piece of plastic gives the user a sense of being high or a burst of energy, reports Gizmag.

The Thync System can either be connected to the head or on the temple, but you’re going to look rather odd no matter what; it’s quite futuristic in appearance. The different positions of the system will give you a different sensation that works itself into your brain.

The process involves electronic impulses being sent into the user’s cranial nerves with bio-compatible material. The intensity and duration of the pulses are controlled by the mobile phone application — most pieces of technology have mobile applications nowadays. The app is only available on iOS, however. Supported mobile devices include the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus running iOs 8 or higher. In total, the new Thync System will set you back $299.

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