According to NBC New York, LaGuardia airport is the latest victim of Winter Storm Thor. An airplane slid off the runway after their landing went terribly wrong on the ice. The Delta airlines plane slammed into the fence and narrowly escaped a plunge into the water. Flight 1086 departed from Atlanta with 127 passengers and five crew members aboard; the flight was uneventful until their landing at approximately 11 a.m. on March 5th, 2015.

Twenty-six year old Giants’ tight end Larry Donnell was listed as one of the passengers. Donnell was uninjured and his official statement said, “I’m blessed to be safe and sound after our plane skidded off the runway at LaGuardia. We were all shocked and alarmed when the plane started to skid, but most importantly, as far as I know all of the passengers and flight crew were able to exit the plane safely.” He was headed back to sign a new deal with the Giants, and his immediate reaction, released via Instagram, was that he should have stayed home.

Three people were among the more seriously injured, who were immediately transported to the hospital. Approximately twenty-four other passengers reported minor injuries from the impact. The aircraft’s left wing was affected by the impact, resulting in a slow leak that was rapidly responded to by the fire safety crews.

The combination of sleet, snow, and freezing fog contributed to the accident. Other air traffic was suspended for a time causing delays across the nation.

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