Dealing With an Impatient Phone Scammer

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  • Gotta love how this guy pisses off this scammer! The animation makes it even funnier!
  • Indian credit card scammer gets REALLY angry at troll
  • Dealing With an Impatient Phone Scammer
  • How to deal with phone scammers
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    Chanel Dickens
    That is hysterically funny. I've been getting tons of phone calls about my "online business listing" and finally downloaded a call recording app. I think my last call with them I may have gotten through their thick skulls and gotten myself off their call list. It may have also been the yelp and Google reviews I left, the tweets, Facebook messages and review and reports to the BBB and FTC. Either way, any more calls and I am prepared to take them to town.
  • dealing with an impatient phone scammer