Mondays tend to be in a league of their own when it comes to the work week, as most people just don’t want to be anywhere but home. However, in downtown London, a flatbed truck was spotted with the body of a dead T-Rex tied down and covered in a sheet, reports ITV. That should have made the commute to the local office at least ten times better, of course.

The dead T-Rex was part of a public relations stunt for National Geographic, apparently. Most people assumed it would be something to do with the upcoming Jurassic World film, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. The life-size replica was transported through the city with no clear destination in mind — it was simply made to shock and captivate its viewers.

Photos were taken of the T-Rex as it was headed towards what people believed to be Central London. A few onlookers managed to snap a photograph of the truck and its cargo in Trafalgar Square.

Anyone who managed to get a quick glimpse of this prehistoric monster early this morning surely had a better Monday than the rest of the world. Let’s hope National Geographic continues with these types of stunts as often as possible. Though costly, they are probably a lot of fun.

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