David Bowie's latest music video. Released just 3 days before his death. RIP

source: youtube

  • Three days before dying, David Bowie recorded this last video ever, showing his tragic fight with aging, cancer and death, to remind us how precious and amazing our human life is and being alive
  • Why our transhumanist top mission is to defeat aging and death. This is last video of David Bowie, visionary and heartbreaking, just 3 days before his death
  • David Bowie's last video of his life visionarily shows his battle against death :( Rest in peace David
  • It's not often that an artist writes their own dirge, but here we are, in a world without David Bowie
  • How can I achieve a kick sound similar to Mark Guiliana's in the beginning of Bowie's "Lazarus"?
  • David Bowie's last video 3 days before his death. Very visionary and scary. R.I.P. David
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  • David Bowie's latest music video. Released just 3 days before his death. RIP
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  • David Bowie's Lazarus prominently features a fountain pen!
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    Oscar Champlin
    Very fitting. Definitely written for when he passed. He knew it was coming and this is about that. Thank you David Bowie