Strange masks and disguises have always been worn by criminals in their attempts to hide from the law. However, some are completely taken over by the dark side. This Monday, a robber decided to fully dress himself as Darth Vader, cape and all, in order to not just rob a bank, but to do so in style.

Monday morning, the Sith Lord surprised the staff at a credit union in the town of Pineville, holding a shotgun, and demanded money from a bank teller. Captured by the CCTV, the criminal is described as a 5′ 5″ male with a “Darth Vader style costume“. Wearing an outfit better than what most people wear on Halloween, it’s strange that the robber has resorted to using humanly weapons, instead of the force. However, staying in character the whole time, he actually managed to complete his mission and got away safely, escaping with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The North Carolina police department is doing everything in their power to find the criminal, but having in mind his thorough disguise, it’s hard to say whether or not their search will yield any result. According to officials, the Sith Lord escaped with a four-door grey Chevrolet Suburban. After the destruction of the Death Star and millions down the drain, Darth Vader seems to be in a dire need of cash. We’ve always wanted that he’s on the dark side, but what we didn’t expect is for him to actually start robbing banks. Apparently, that’s what he does now.