There are many “challenges” that have turned into trends and swept the internet. Some of them are for good causes, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In that case, nominees would either perform the challenge to raise awareness for ALS or donate money to a charity that supports ALS patients. However, not all of these trends seem to be for a good cause, or any cause, and many are extremely dangerous.

Case in point: “Reto del pasesito” which means “Little pass challenge” in Spanish. This challenge originated in Mexico, where it is described as a test for wealthy members of society. The entire challenge is simply to snort a line of cocaine and then nominate someone else to do the same.

No charitable donation, no awareness for any type of disease; this “challenge” is literally just peer pressure in the form of an online trend. This dangerous and inappropriate trend seems to be sweeping the internet for no good reason. It even had it’s own Facebook page until it was taken down by administrators.

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