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Damning evidence of how formulaic pop country has become

source: youtube

  • 1984 is ultimately anti-Cultural Marxist despite Orwell's leftist leanings. In Orwell's dystopia all music pumped out to the common man is composed formulaically by machine to keep them acultural
  • Remember that mashup of 6 basically identical country songs? The artist that made it wrote his own "completely original" country song using the same formula...and it's actually pretty good
  • What happens when you take 6 top country songs of last year and mash them together into 1 mega hit
  • [Video][Music] Thought I'd drop this here. I'm not a huge country fan, but I enjoy this
  • SIX Bro Country Songs Mashuped illistrate the sorry state of Country Music these days
  • An example of how similar most pop country songs are. SIX different song mashup
  • "Why don't you listen to country music?" "Because it all sounds the same man."
  • This may bend the rules but I have to share it: Epic six song country mashup!
  • Mind-blowing mashup that shows just how formulaic country music has become
  • Never been much of a country fan, but ease of this 6-song mashup is absurd
  • Protools breakdown of how sadly formulaic Pop Country has become. Enjoy!
  • "Sober" reminds me of this, and that makes me sad (radio country mashup)
  • Someone figured out the algorithm of making a successful country song
  • This mashup shows perfectly why country is so repetitive and awful
  • Not your typical post here, but this is why I love you fuckers
  • Sir Mashalot - Catchy Mashup of Six Country Songs [Country]
  • 6 Country Songs Mashup! (Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, etc) -
  • DAE think that every single country song sounds the same?
  • Damning evidence of how formulaic pop country has become
  • Mind-Blowing SIX Song Country Mashup (Various Artists) -
  • This belongs in a HL segment on today's country music
  • Country Music artists really DO make original songs!
  • I'd like Corby do a segment on this *country music*
  • Sir Mashalot: Mind-Blowing SIX Song Country Mashup
  • 6 country songs mashed into one, and it's awesome
  • Mind-Blowing SIX Song Country Mashup! - YouTube
  • And people wonder why I can't stand country
  • Proof That All Bro-Country Sounds the Same
  • Proof that "bro country" is all the same
  • The formula (Six Country Song Mash-Up)
  • Formulaic Simp "Country" Music Plague
  • The sad state of modern country
  • Capitalism in Six Country Songs
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