Finding a way to reuse products that some people may deem as trash is always great for the environment. It’s even better if you find away to use those products to give back to those in need.

Bryan Ware found out that old crayons at his local restaurant were being thrown away and thought about a resourceful way to use them. Ware created his own non-profit organization, ‘The Crayon Initiative’ to repurpose old and unusable crayon wax into brand new crayons for patients at children’s hospital. He said that it’s a great feeling to be able to use his work to put smiles on children’s faces.

“It is incredibly rewarding that our work is converting what would have been waste in the landfill into smiles on the faces of sick children. If these crayons give them an escape from that hospital room for ten minutes, we did our job.”

Ware said that he takes the old crayons and melts them down and pours them into special custom molds. Each new crayon batch makes about 96 new crayons that are thicker and easier to hold for young children and those with special needs.

The Crayon Initiative has already donated over 2,000 boxes of crayons throughout California. He hopes to be able to distribute his crayons across the U.S. to other hospitals in the near future.

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