Chris Mintz, 30, is an army veteran who spent 10 years within the United States’ armed forces. This man, bravely enough, stepped forward to stop the dreadful shooting that recently took place in Oregon this past week.

Mintz, in an attempt to stop the deranged individual, took seven bullets himself, but he brought down the killer at the Umpqua Community College. Mintz charged the man while he was firing his weapon, racing through seven bullets, all of which were embedded within him, and brought the man to the ground.

Unfortunately, Mintz ended up with far too many medical bills. In fact, the 30-year-old had so many that he was unable to pay for them himself. So, the internet stepped forward and offered some help. Many individuals, who have never met Mintz in their lives, donated over $750,000 to help pay his medical bills. Originally, the GoFundMe page was only asking for $10,000 to help his recovery.

Mintz, who served 10 years in the army, only recently started classes on the Oregon college campus. It was pure luck that he was there to do something about the maniac in question.