Craig T. Nelson is bringing back his beloved character, Hayden Fox, to a new Coach spinoff 18 years after the original went off the air. Coach starred Nelson as Fox, a man who started out as a beleaguered head coach at fictional Minnesota State University and then eventually to an equally fictional NFL franchise. The new series, still unnamed, will have Craig T. Nelson reprising the character 18 years after Coach ended, this time, coming out of retirement to become an assistant at his son’s school.

His son has been hired as a head coach at an Ivy League School in Pennsylvania that just started up a football program. Near the end of the original program, Fox and his wife Christine (played by Shelley Fabares) had adopted a baby boy after the pair were unable to conceive. That little boy is now all grown up in what is being billed as Coach 2.0.

While casting details are not yet known, it doesn’t appear likely that other members of the original cast are going to be joining Craig T. Nelson on the new spinoff. This appears to be the week where long canceled shows are making their triumphant return announcements. Earlier this week it was announced that X-Files will also be making a return.

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