Cr1TiKaL responds to the current YouTube Drama

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  • The Syndicate Project is lashing out at Nicholas Deary in new Youtube drama, admitted doxxing from streamer Keemstar
  • Penguinz0, A Youtuber who has never gotten involved in anything other than titties, gets involved in Drama
  • penguinz0 (Cr1t1kal's) response to the Syndicate Drama
  • [Drama] Keemstar supports doxxing, stop supporting him
  • Based Cr1TiKaL summarizes the recent YouTube drama
  • Cr1TiKaL responds to the current YouTube Drama
  • I agree with cr1tikal
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    Bo Lebsack
    I love Penguinz0 and this is a great response. Keemstar is an asshole.
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    Carmine Parker
    ~~Just letting everyone know, we've locked this thread because it's New Years and we don't think we'll have mods around to keep this thread clear of witch hunting and personal information.~~ Now that someone is around, this thread has now been unlocked. Happy New Years' everyone.
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