The United States may have long since been explored from coast to coast, but that hasn’t taken the romantic spirit out of some of its citizens. That’s part of the reason why we have RVs and road trips — some people have travelling in their blood. One couple might have more of it in them than others, though, at least if their master project is to be believed.

John Ericson is a retired construction worker from Minnesota, and likely needed something to occupy his time as a result. His solution: combine the comfort of a home with the mobility of a vehicle to create a makeshift RV, albeit one far different from the norm. With a commercial truck as its base, he and his wife live in the house that it carts around — and comfortably, despite its small size. It seems like a massive undertaking, but apparently the “house on wheels” only took four weeks to make.

The couple has put their mobile home to good use. Altogether, they’ve gone at least 133,000 miles, and the only thing that can get them to stop is a visit to another one of their creations: a renovated RV in Alaska that acts as a stationary home. If they stay there, it likely won’t be for long: they intend to travel to Russia next, and it’s a safe bet that they’ll keep rolling long afterward.

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