A couple from Chesterfield got married with a bit of a twist this week when they themed the wedding on the classic film franchise Star Wars. Making up the guest list were characters such as Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Stormtroopers, Imperial Guards and even princess Leia.

The bride and groom are both members of the East Midlands Garrison, a group in Derby dedicated to Star Wars cosplay and they thought it would be a nice way for everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves if they dressed up for the occasion. Lee Bowdler, the groom, explained the reasons behind the theme saying: “I just thought it would be nice for the area and might put a smile on people’s faces.”

He also went on to outline how his now wife wasn’t interested in Star Wars cosplay when they first but he has now won her over. “Pip wasn’t into it to start with,” he said. “But now she loves it and dresses up as a Shadowtrooper and a Twi’lek.” Meanwhile, the bride, Pip Stephenson, said: “We just wanted all our family and friends see us doing what we like to do.”

Strangely, the couple didn’t dress up themselves, instead choosing to wear traditional wedding attire.

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