The Internet exploded on Tuesday with news that after alleged Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was arrested, the cops that apprehended him took him to Burger King and bought him lunch. The report surfaced that the only conversation the officers had with the suspected murderer was about food. After being caught, Roof told the police officers that he was hungry because he had only been able to eat a bag of chips he bought at a gas station while he was fleeing authorities.

Talking Points Memo points out that it doesn’t appear the police department that caught him thought it was very odd that they should buy someone who has been accused of a massacre a meal. Instead Shelby, North Carolina police talked about the fact that he was a well behaved arrestee who was shackled the entire time he ate. Despite being well behaved, it has shocked some that the police saw to it that Roof got a hot meal just hours after allegedly killing nine people. As of Friday, June 19th, Roof was charged with nine counts of murder, including one count of possessing a firearm used in the commission of a violent crime.

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