Conan O'Brien's incredible 2006 Emmys opening

source: youtube

  • Seeing as the Emmys are tomorrow, here's the best opening again to remind us of how it should be done
  • 2006 Emmys Opening with Conan Obrien, very funny and will remind you of some great shows of that era!
  • In case anyone was wondering if Conan's 2006 Emmy opening was appropriate for this sub
  • In honour of Conan O'Brien's epicness! (I'm Canadian, my honour takes a U! Beat it!)
  • [funny] "In case you forgot, best emmy opening ever " (2010-01-19)
  • Opening of the 2006 Emmys. Definitely worth the watch
  • Any more clips of Michael Scott's cheesy smile?
  • Conan O'Brien's incredible 2006 Emmys opening
  • 2006 Emmys Opening - one of the best
  • Conan's opening in the 2006 Emmys
  • A nice little throwback to 2006
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