Comparing to pros-experiment (feat. Thijs, Lifecoach, Kolento, SuperJJ and Brian Kibler)

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  • Comparing to pros-experiment (feat. Thijs, Lifecoach, Kolento, SuperJJ and Brian Kibler)
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    Heaven Larkin
    For those not watching the video, here's the essence of it, (somewhat) shortened: I downloaded a 30 minute-VOD of each of the players in the title, all playing a different deck to compare how much different we play. Before each "real" decision I paused the game, and made sure to decide exactly how I would play it before I resumed the game. By each real decision I'm obviously not counting passing the turn when you can't play anything and also not hitting for lethal when you have an obvious lethal. I am counting mulligans, and even somewhat easy decisions like playing your only 2 drop over hero powering. In most cases the WHOLE turn has to be played the exact same way for me to count it as agree, so if we play the same card, but decide to trade a slightly bit differently that counts as a disagree. Player, Agree - Disagree: * **Thijs** (Druid), 23-10 * **Lifecoach** (Rogue), 13-9 * **Kolento** (Zoolock), 26-19 * **SuperJJ** (Freeze Mage), 29-16 * **Kibler** (Patron Warrior), 14-15 My conclusions: * There are often so many different ways to play a turn and you notice this much more when you're actually pausing, deciding and then comparing. If you just watch other players live it's so easy to think that you would do the same play, when more often than you imagine, you probably wouldn't. * Don't blame RNG that you're not a top player. I consider myself a pretty good player, with lots of potential, but I lack a lot of experience, and because of that I'm not playing nearly as good as the top players. I'm sure there are a lot of people like me, who consider themselves smart and good at strategy games, but the reason we're not at the top of the Legend leaderboard every month or even reaching Legend is not because of bad RNG. It's because we're not playing good enough. * They disagreed with my decision **40%** of the time which is way more than I expected. I'm sure if others try this experiment, you will also find your number to be higher than expected, even if it may not be as high as mine. And again, as a reminder, I counted it as disagree if not every detail of the turn was played the same way. * Some decks have way more possible decisions. As a Freeze Mage you often don't have any board, so there was no risk of disagreeing with trades, etc. But with Zoolock there are tons of small decisions, such as exactly were to put your Defender of Argus, or the exact minions to trade with, etc. That's why the Disagree numbers for the Kolento games increased as soon as the board got bigger. * Are you sitting down for this one? Because this one blew my mind... Lifecoach actually plays *slower* than the others, as evidenced by the total number of decisions in 30 minutes. * SuperJJ was *extremely* salty. I almost wanted to put up a "This is retarted"-counter on the screen, because he must have said it 20 times in 10 minutes at the beginning of the video. Now, in his defence I think he was just having a really bad day, and he was running into opponent after opponent with perfect curves. * Even pros make bad plays. I would estimate that there were 6-7 plays where I'm 100% convinced my play was better, it was probably very close about 20 times, and around 40 times their play was clearly better. * This was fun. I recommend people try it, but if you do, and I repeat this for the third time, pausing AS SOON AS the first card is drawn and deciding before you resume is crucial. Also, being completely honest, obviously. * Bonus: My Photoshop skills need to improve as well... If you do a similar experiment, please reply with your results!
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