If you spent a lot of money and thought on your tattoos, you can now have them preserved for posterity. Your inked works of art do not have to end up in the obscurity of the grave with the rest of you. You can now give instructions to your heirs to have the tattooed skin cut off by the funeral home, and ask the undertaker to send the skin to Save My Ink. Your loved ones will be able to look at the framed memento of you and feel as though a part of you is still with them.

The company will treat the piece of decorated skin using a special process with chemicals designed to prevent decay. After up to three months of curing, the masterpiece of body art will be framed and sent back to your survivors, ready to hang. Charles Hamm, the founder of Save My Ink, says that he perfected the procedure by practicing on pieces of his own skin which were cut off when he had weight loss surgery.

Hamm said, “You would never burn a Picasso or any piece of art you invested in and had a passion for. Your tattoo is also art with a unique story, just on a different canvas.” His company is an American non-profit that is also known as the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art. Initial membership costs $115, and if you pay $60 annually, you are entitled to one preserved tattoo.

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