Comedian kicks 60 yr old heckler

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  • Not your typical heckler post, but I just have to post this here
  • Heckling comic gets kicked to the floor at a Vegas open mic
  • Heckler gets kicked in the chest (comedian self defense)
  • Heckler gets a Sparta kick when he tries to start shit
  • 60 year old baby gets front kicked. Start at 1:37
  • Heckler/Comedian confronts host, gets kicked
  • A Known Heckler In Vegas gets Chuck Norris'd
  • Topic: Heckler gets fucked up by comedian
  • Heckler VS Comic: Rade Zone gets kicked
  • you did that all by yourself, rade
  • Heckler VS Comic: This is Sparta!
  • Comedian kicks 60 yr old heckler
  • Heckler meets his end at Sparta
  • Heckler gets what he deserves
  • Karate Kid 5 (TEASER)
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    Precious Ortiz
    Rade is 60 years old. His voice is 6.
  • comedian kicks heckler