Comedian hilariously out-scams OkCupid scammer

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  • Hey guys, just uploaded a clip where I tell a true story about an interaction I had with a scam artist online. Let me know what you think!
  • Comedian's hilarious story of messing with an OKCupid scammer (Mike Bobrinskoy)
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  • Comedian hilariously out-scams OkCupid scammer
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  • Comedian gets back at a OKcupid scammer
  • Comedian receives message in OkCupid
  • Tale of an OkCupid conversation
  • Mike bobrinskoy - Alexandra
  • Comedian scams a scammer
  • Scammer be like
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    Colt Mertz
    Hey, this is me. To answer a couple questions that have been raised, 1) This did happen. However the transcript is highly edited. Reading the whole back and forth would take like 30 minutes and that wouldn't be ideal for a standup set. 8 minutes is even too long. I cut out the fat, changed wording, and added the commentary. 2) No, the audience wasn't paid to laugh :(
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