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Colorblind Man Sees Purple for the First Time

source: youtube

  • "Is this purple? What the fuck? Holy shit!" -- A colorblind guy named Ethan after seeing purple for the first time wearing corrective glasses (video)
  • A little unusual for this sub, but I think it fits. A colorblind man is given sunglasses that allow him to see color and his reaction is filmed
  • [Video] A colorblind man's genuine and heartfelt excitement at seeing color in the smallest things for the first time
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  • colorblind guy flips out after seeing purple for the first time
  • Me as an ex-peasant playing GTA V on PC for the first time
  • Colorblind Man sees purple for the first time: One of us!
  • A Counterpoint to Dan's Weird Disdain for Colors
  • Guy smokes weed for the first time
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