The environmental officials in Colorado were on full alert due to the millions of gallons of wastewater that spilled into the river. The heavy metals that were reportedly in the wastewater caused the river to turn mustard yellow.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, they inadvertently caused the spill during an investigation concerning a leak in the Gold King Mine. The wastewater entered into the Cement Creek, located along the Animas River in southwestern Colorado. The most alarming part of the wastewater spillage is that the heavy metals, including lead and arsenic, making it possibly dangerous for humans and animals. However, the E.P.A. hasn’t responded about the harmful conditions surrounding the spill.

Currently, the E.P.A. has started diverting the wastewater to the local treatment ponds they are building. Due to the spill the river has been closed down for all uses, especially recreation purposes. However, it appears that quite a few people are trying to get pictures of the yellow river water.

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