CinemaSins Highlights Everything Wrong With ‘Batman Forever’

source: youtube

The superhero cinematic universe owes a lot to ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy’. These films proved to the world that the genre deserves to be taken seriously and set a higher standard for future directors to follow. The Dark Knight was undoubtedly the perfect hero to showcase the potential of superhero films. His story, however, has been told numerous times before, and across numerous mediums, but none were able to capture the magic and intensity of the comic book series (except Batman: The Animated Series).

Batman Forever cast Val Kilmer as the Dark Knight and had a host of important characters such as Robin, Riddler and Two-Face. Despite having a great source material to play with, the film was a mediocre parade of tired clichés and did no favors in promoting a truly dark, mortal and misunderstood superhero. The folks over at CinemaSins decided to take their time with this one and show us exactly everything wrong with Batman Forever.

  • Everything Wrong With Batman Forever In 18 Minutes Or Less
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