Choke Slam

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  • It may be preaching to the choir on this sub but clearly, the animals have much to teach us
  • Does anyone have any details on this choke/takedown? Would like to drill it
  • Hold my catnip while I bodyslam this jabroni
  • When they dont know you got takedown defense
  • This cat's jiu jitsu is better than mine
  • Good ole fashioned chokehold strangling
  • Bah Gawd! Damn near broke him in half!
  • You messed with the wrong kitty
  • kitter gets comPLETLELY RKO'D
  • Don't mess with an assassin
  • Don't mess with mittens!
  • Pussy got Choke Slammed!
  • Time for a cat nap?
  • Ultimate Choke Slam
  • John Cena Cat Fight
  • Full on choke slam
  • kitty choke slam
  • Cat wrestling
  • Cats Playing
  • KABOOM!!!
  • 総合格闘家
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    Anastacio Moore
    I'm no expert in cat fighting, but that looked like near perfect form.