The Chinese capital Beijing is preparing to hold one of the largest military parades in its history and has employed some strange workers to help it prepare. The military have been using a small army of trained monkeys and eagles to help clear the skies after fears that any flying birds could cause damage to fighter jets.

The monkeys have been utilized to help get rid of nests that have been built by birds high up in trees in an effort to remove them from the area, while the eagles can help drive away any birds that remain. The animal workers are able to work incredibly quickly, removing up to 60 nests a day each.

Trainer Wang Mingzhi explained that the five monkeys and eagles have been employed because they are simply the most effective way to help clear the skies and ensure that no birds interfere with the aircraft that are due to fly over the parade. “No one can climb trees as tall as 30 metres,” Wang said. “With shotguns, we can blow off only two nests with a box of bullets. If we use water cannon, it would be a waste of water and human resources.

The parade is set to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, in which much of China was occupied by Japan.

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