Unfortunately, we live in a world where many don’t have a place to live and have to sleep on the streets. As well as not having any shelter, these unlucky people often go hungry as they struggle to get food. Although some people try to help them by giving them spare change, the truth of the matter is that the homeless are often ignored.

That wasn’t the case in Prattville, Alabama, though. 5-year-old Josiah Duncan, who was eating with his mum at a Waffle House, saw an unclean man standing outside of the restaurant. He began to ask his mum who the man was and why he was there, eventually learning that he was homeless.

Realizing that the man was most likely hungry, Josiah convinced his mum to buy a meal for the man. The young child then brought the man into the restaurant, passed him a menu and told him to order whatever he wanted.

He then said grace with the man, bringing his mum, the man and the eleven other customers in the restaurant to tears.

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