Check Out This Heartwarming Marriage Proposal

source: youtube

Chalk this one up as another awesome marriage proposal. In this video, YouTuber Tyler Shelton proposes to his girlfriend, Haylee Rose. Tyler always figured he would ask Rose’s dad for his blessing to marry her one day — however this wasn’t possible since Rose’s father passed away last year. He then decided to ask Haylee’s siblings for permission and recorded their reactions, which are in the video. Tyler has been documenting every day of his 20’s on his channel and this appears to be one of his standout videos. Make sure to check out the full video down below!

  • I know there's 7238943 other marriage proposal videos out there, but this is one of the most moving ones I've ever seen - "Not Your Average Proposal"
  • Some good editing and a nice personal touch turns this average marriage proposal into something quite beautiful
  • Not Your Average Proposal - A video letter to her girlfriend's deceased father
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