Check Out These Kids’ Hilarious Reactions To The First Gen iPod

source: youtube

Kids have a unique way of making adults feel has if they’ve aged a hundred years within a short span of time. Although grown ups may feel as if it was just yesterday when music was played on a CD player and Apple released their first iPod, kids feel as if it’s something out of the ice age. Apple has expanded their electronic devices through technological advances, which have made some items obsolete.

In this video, kids are given the original iPod to play with and answer questions about how it works. Unfortunately, the children become quite perplexed because they’ve never seen the original iPod, which was made almost 14 years ago. Take a look at the hilarious responses these kids have about the type of technology that was available and the inner workings of the first iPod.

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  • KIDS REACT TO 1ST iPOD "OMG, there is no touch screen!"
  • Children reacting to the first iPod
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