Charlize Theron And Jimmy Fallon Play Dress Up

source: youtube

Charlize Theron decided to stop by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in a rather unusual outfit. She wasn’t the only one not looking like her usual self, as Fallon donned a full-length pink pant suit and high heels. The talk show host and actress picked out outfits for each other, making this episode of The Tonight Show one of the weirdest yet. Theron wore a collection of shiny, metallic duds with super-frizzy hair and a hilarious-looking top hat.

Fallon explained his outfit: “I was a little surprised when I found this in my dressing room, this is what you chose for me?” Fallon asked the actress why she chose the bright pink pant suit, faux-fur gilet, brown wig and pink shades, with Theron replying “I thought it would make your shoulders smaller.” They went on to figure out if Fallon was a man or a woman. “You are a woman,” Theron replied, trying to keep a straight face. “Your name is Rosetta McKlintog.”

  • Charlize Theron appears on The Tonight Show noticeably high, Jimmy Fallon tries and fails to salvage the segment
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