Captain Disillusion: Australian Lightning DOUBLE DEBUNK

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  • YouTube Video Debunker Captain Disillusion places Anita alongside the Fine Bros while sarcastically remarking: "... YouTube, a place for measured, intelligent discussion of substantive issues."
  • Captain Disillusion finally gets around to disproving the video of a couple almost getting hit by a lightning strike near the ocean
  • This Youtube Channel debunks fake viral videos and explains how theyre made. Guy definetily deserves way more popularity!
  • I love the editing style of this video! Please share your favorite examples of alternative editing styles
  • Australian Lightning DOUBLE DEBUNK. Duy debunk fake videos on internet
  • Guy debunks fake lightning viral vids right down to the effect names
  • Captain Dillusion debunks two Australian lightning videos
  • Captain Disillusion: Australian Lightning DOUBLE DEBUNK
  • This MSTie deserves many more subs
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