Canadian Football is weird

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  • While a few of us are coming down off our Grey Cup High, here is one of the strangest, craziest, and most exciting CFL endings in recent memory
  • Fuck the NFL for giving us these refs. It's time NFL fans very politely attempted to figure out Canadian Football
  • The craziest ending to a football game you will see this weekend, brought to you by those crazy Canadians
  • Incredible moment as Montreal Cumbersome and the Toronto Maple Maple's reach an end to a tight match
  • I know CFL isn't a large departure from NFL, but this leaves most Americans scratching their head
  • As an NFL enthusiast who has never watched a CFL game before, what the fuck did I just watch?
  • I hope the NFL figures shit out because I cannot watch stuff like this next year!
  • This is still the most confusing play I have ever seen in sports history
  • I don't watch the cfl so this left me confused. Can somebody explain?
  • What the fuck did I just watch? (I don't understand the CFL)
  • [Football] CFL Rules are slightly different than NFL's
  • Canada your doing it wrong!
  • Canadian Football is weird
  • Trestman in his element
  • Kicking a field goal
  • Football In Canada
  • I'm so confused
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