CANADA for President 2016

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  • Vancouver native created this, and the funny political party
  • As a Canadian, I apologize on behalf of this embarrassment
  • Canada for President. We have got your back friends!
  • A new Candidate just announced for President 2016
  • Canada's perspective on this upcoming election
  • A message from your friendly Canadian statists
  • A new Canadate just announced for President
  • Now this is a party al US can stand with
  • [Humor] Canada in 2016 US elections
  • CANADA for President 2016 - YouTube
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  • The Canada Party does it again
  • Hey there USA...What The F**K
  • So, who are you voting for?
  • South Park called it
  • VOTE CANADA 2016
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    Cortez Schumm
    He's right about our embarrassingly low voter turnout. We are completely disillusioned by a combination of our broken 2 party system and our 24 hour entertainment news networks parroting their positions for a pro war, anti poor agenda. We have this ridiculous anti democratic primary system, our elections are basically a year long. It's overwhelming really, and unless you have a good grasp that the above is actually true, the natural feeling is what's the point? It's not going to change. Same old endless wars and petty politics fueling our corporate sponsored politicians.