There are plenty of puzzles and games in the world that challenge your intellect and get your brain working. Whether these games are successful at keeping your attention or whether you just can’t be bothered trying too hard, that’s down to you and how much effort you want to put in. Regardless of this, we’ve found ten different illustrations with six words hidden throughout that are sure to keep you entertained. The words are not the same in each of the pictures, and some of the images are a lot more difficult than the others. Have a go and see how many words you can get in each of the pictures, and if you get stuck, we’ve given you hints as to what the words are, but not where they can be found!

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We’ll start off by giving you hints on where the words are. There are six words in each of the pictures, and in this picture the words that you need to find are: farm, dig, seed, garden, bloom and vine.

To start things off, take a look towards the corn. For a second word, have a look at the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow.

It’s Snowing!

The words you need to find in this picture are: boots, chill, frost, snow, ice and mittens!

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