Calm Owl [Haiku]

source: youtube

  • MRW I'm talking to a girl I have a crush on and trying to impress her and she drops the I-have-a-bf bomb
  • How i imagine Murka feels when we say he looks like an Owl
  • When friends ask if you're feeling it yet
  • Heck yeah, I am superbly calm right now
  • how I feel so far in this Spaltfest
  • How do you stay calm under stress?
  • "Look how calm she is as well"
  • Calm Owl has a flashback
  • [youtubehaiku] Calm Owl
  • Incredibly Calm Owl
  • Calm Owl [Haiku]
  • This owl gets it
  • When you peak
  • Just an owl
  • A calm owl
  • me irl
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