California beaches are known around the world for their pristine waters and serene ambiance but a recent wave of shark sightings at popular beaches have driven the local government to resort to using extreme measures. The number of great white sharks spotted near California beaches has risen steeply over the past few months, even though most sightings have been of juvenile sharks that were nearly 6 feet long, in comparison to full grown ones that grow to nearly 20 feet. The juvenile sharks are not yet used to feeding on other mammals and focus their hunt only on smaller sea creatures such as stingrays. This allowed many surfers to capture stunning images of great white sharks swimming close to the shore line.

Authorities have decided to use drones in order to continuously track the movement of sharks near the coastline in order to prevent any accidents in the future. The technology used for this operation involves a 1.5 meter long robot that looks like a missile and will move continuously through the water and provide necessary information using 3D imaging technology. The movement of sharks towards the coastline has been credited to the fact that the area is abundant in food, making the tracking of these magnificent creatures even more vital.

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