Cake - The Distance [Alternative Rock]

source: youtube

  • While on a car ride home, this song was playing on the radio, my brother pointed out it would be a good Steel Ball Run end song
  • I almost fell of my bike when this song came on. i didn't know it was about motorcycle racing! (the distance - Cake)
  • Cake - The Distance. An absolute classic Cake song, and without a doubt their best known
  • This song is in honor of Kasich. Just because you lost, you don't need to give up
  • We're doing hypothetical EDs now? Part 7 can only possibly have one
  • Captain Ciph3r's Song-a-Whenever: Stretching out my rifle edition
  • Cake - The Distance [Indie Rock] One of my favorite Bass lines
  • Cake -- The Distance [Alternative Rock][1996]
  • Cake - Going the Distance [Alternative Rock]
  • Cake - The Distance. [1996]
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