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  • We absolutely have to Tweet this to Bill. Most beautiful piece of film ever, Burr
  • 'Her' trailer re-imagined with Bill Burr's voice instead of Scarlett Johansson's
  • Burr: A trailer remake of the movie Her, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Bill Burr
  • 'Her' trailer replaced with audio from Bill Burr episode of Jordan, Jesse, GO!
  • Spike Jonze's Burr (2013) has one of the greatest teaser trailer ever made
  • If the Operating System in "Her" Had Bill Burr's Voice
  • Someone's made a Bill Burr 'Her' Parody Trailer
  • "Her" remastered, featuring Bill Burr
  • burr (parody of the movie "her")
  • Bill Burr stars in Her trailer
  • "Burr" directed by Spike Jonze
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