Two young men decided to rob and smash up a juice bar in Virginia, but they made one fatal error in their path of destruction. The Green Cat, located in Oceanfront, was attacked during the overnight hours of Monday morning. A surveillance camera was set up in the perfect spot, capturing all of the events that followed.

Both men tried entering in the back of the store casually through the patio, but after finding it locked, decided to steal from a nearby freezer. When taking out frozen food, they eventually realize that the robbery was being recorded. One of the men threw some of the frozen food at it while another one gets up close to it and keeps hitting it until it breaks.

THe problem is, the guy that went up to the camera did the store a favor. Apparently thinking footage would be lost if things were destroyed, an employee revealed that footage was still available and the high-definition camera was able to perfectly focus on the burglar’s face. They also told WTKR about more damage after the camera breaking: “They flipped over the table so there was mail everywhere and then there was fruit all over the floor, our freezer was up,” Paige Welch stated, who is an employee at The Green Cat.

The story has blown up nationally and the images have been shared all over social media. The juice bar lost $1,000 in damages and hopes to bring the two men to justice. Considering one of the trespassers was stupid enough to get that close to the camera, it shouldn’t take long.

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