Companies all across the world are always looking for innovative ways to celebrate Halloween. Burger King might have found one of the most original approaches by coloring the buns for its burgers black. At one time, the black burger was only going to be available in the United States but it appears the company is launching the multi-colored food in the UK as well.

The black-bunned burger will be offered at Burger King starting today and it will be available until October 31. This special burger even has a rather special taste. The black-bunned burger offers a Whopper patty, cheese slices, pickles, sauce, onion slices, tomato slices, lettuce and mayonnaise. The bun is said to also have a barbecue flavor built in to give the food a little extra tang. This isn’t the first oddly colored burger offered by the company; earlier this year the firm rolled out red buns in Japan.

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